[Preorder] Handing up Cat vol.3(total 6 for a set)(Special Cat not included)

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Product No.: 116

Manufacturer: N/A

Brand: Qualia

Barcode: N/A

Size: N/A




deadline : 20-12-2020

Arrival Date :March 2021


Out of stock


Pre Order Remarks:

- This is only for pre order deposit. You have to pay the balance once the product arrived.

- You have to pick the product within 7 days when the product arrived. Otherwise it will be regarded as abandonment.

- Once you have finished the down payment, we will not accept any refund.

- Unless the product is damaged or imcomplete, we will not accept exchange or refund.

- If you find the product is damaged or imcomplete, please return and exchange within 7 days.

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